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Monday, November 08, 2004


Hike and Annual Meeting

After the excitement on Saturday. I had fallen asleep between 4:30 and 5 AM Sunday morning. This of course means you wake up early on Sunday morning so it was with some surprise that I woke up at 9:30 AM Sunday morning. I had spent the night in Baltimore and it must have been the police cars speeding down the road with siren blaring.

Ben, Rebecca, and myself went out for breakfast where I discovered that somewhere along the way I had misplaced my ATM card. I remembered having it at Geckos because I atttempted to get cash from their machine but it didn't have much in it. After that I didn't notice it missing until breakfast. I checked my clothes from the previous night but still didn't find it. Then I checked my account and thankfully there wasn't a large amount of money missing.

Forget about it for a while. I have friends in Baltimore who might like the idea of going on tour of the bars I was in Saturday in search of the missing card (my guess is they would have enjoyed the beer more then the search though).

Instead of going on tour myself I went on a hike with the AMC's Washington DC Chapter. It was a nice 5 or 6 mile stroll along the North Branch of the Anacostia River to Lake Artemesia. We circled the lake and then wandered back down to College Park where we had dinner at the Calvert House.

We had the annual meeting last night to take care of business and socialize. The business was elections for next year and a presentation on conservation efforts by the AMC. I was confirmed as Young Members Chairman for next year, but I will be joined by Julie as Co-Chairwoman. She will continue to organize social outings and will also train to become an event leader this spring.

The social part of the evening was worthwhile too. One of the AMC staffers is interested in helping us with advertising to a wide range of other young people who like the outdoors. This is her line of work and I'm more then happy to let her handle this. It was also nice to meet some other people and discuss other place to visit.


A Big Win

Saturday started out with some electrical work for Mom and Dad. A light fixture on the back of the house (outside) needed to be replaced. The new fixture is bigger then the old one so I needed to replace the mounting block on the siding as well. No big deal though, just a trip to a store and a few extra minutes removing the old and installing the new.

After this I drove up to Baltimore for a Boozehounds football game. This was to be a real test for the team. Stats guy Mike had the 'hounds ranked 28th and our opponenets 12th. The first half was interesting. We ran out of time before the half time whistle and left the field down by a score of 12- 20.

The second half was a different story. We came out and went down the field and scored to tie the game. Then we forced them to turn the ball over on downs. Then we exchanged interceptions (Brian had his first of two). We converted this interception into another touchdown to take a 28 - 20 lead. They got the ball back but this drive was stopped by Brian grabbing another interception. A 28 - 20 win to just about ensure a spot in the playoffs.

Of course we celebrated our victory in good Boozehounds style. The first stop was Geckos for food and Margueritas. Then we cleaned up a bit and met again at Castaway's for more Margueritas. Next stop was Mahaffeys for beer, shots, and car bombs (I guess every time I go to Mahaffeys it means I'll be drinking car bombs).

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


2004 Presidential Election

It's now official and George W. Bush has been re-elected to a second term as President. I am not overjoyed by this, but I am extremely happy that John Kerry lost. I don't think GWB is a great president, and he's obviously not the smartest guy around. At the same time though, Kerry was one of the worst possible candidates the Democratic Party could have come up with.

Oh well, next time around the Republican Party will join the Democrats with the primary elections. Hopefully they will pick another candidate that can win 2 elections. And yes, GWB did win the year 2000 election.


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