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Hello! I'm John Grayson and I hope you enjoy reading of my adventures as much as I enjoy participating in them. I am one of those technology professionals whose interests lie outside of technology. Instead of checking out techie stuff, I check out history, nature, sports, and alcohol. Have Fun!

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Holiday Party Gone Wrong

Well, it started out innocently. The living history group I'm in decided to have a holiday party this past weekend. It was to be held in Richmond, Virginia so my hope was to get down there and back in the same evening. Had I kept to plan I would have been on my way home at about 10 PM.

As it turned out, I got to the party a bit late and immediately found that I was enjoying myself. There were a lot of good stories being told. Mostly jokes on people at the party and away from the party. Good food and a lot of alcohol too. I started out with beer and then jumped into the liquor with both feet. Later on I switched back to beer. In general I can make these changes without trouble, but this was not a normal night. Not for me at least.

After moving into the liquor drinks I started into a punch made with rum (rum is one of my favorites). Then I downed half the supply of punch made from brandy. This one tasted better then the rum punch. The brandy punch was done so I switched back to the rum punch. About this time someone suggested shots of vodka. Ok, I'm always up for a few shots of vodka. Next it was back to beer.

At this point the party was breaking up and if I was still in charge of my senses I would have left too. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking straight and the guy who hosted the party suggested going downtown to visit some bars. Off we went. I drove and parked a couple blocks from the bar.

We started up with some more beer. Had we kept up with beer I would have been ok. Unfortunately, my friend decided to switch us over to irish whiskey. After drinking that down I was positively queasy. Not to mention far and away drunk.

For some reason I decided to go for a walk. Most likely I just wanted to go out the front door for some fresh air. When I went back into the bar I couldn't find my friend. A sober guy would have just hung around waiting to see what happened. Not me though, I wandered out on the street to find my car. I'm not sure what I would have done if I found my car, but let's just say I had no business owning a car that night. Thankfully, I couldn't find it. Somehow I was able to find the bar again.

As soon as I walked back into the bar I ran into my friend. He had been outside getting sick, and wanted to get out of the neighborhood. Off we went in search of the car. Again, the car was not found. He works in the area and decided it would be a good idea to just head there to sober up and then try to find the car in the morning. Finally, I good decision.

I woke up wondering where the hell I was, but at least I wasn't wandering around the streets.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Ahh, Sweet Revenge

Last night I was actually in town so I went out to Jim's Hideway in Odenton. Jim's is the bar my pool league shoots in every Wednesday night. For anyone looking for a decent bar to hang out in, it has decent food, a good beer selection, pool tables in good condition, and some nights you even get good service. By service I mean bartenders who remember who you are and what you like to drink. Nothing like going to a bar several times and the bartender has no idea who you are. Sort of makes you wonder why they chose that profession.

Anyway, the team I'm on was in first place going into last night. The team we played was in second place. We managed to only win one match last night. The first four went bad, and then I had the honor of playing the last match against a player who is way under-ranked. I'm also under-ranked, but not nearly as bad as the guy I played.

Back in May or June I played this guy. Back then he totally whipped me. It was embarrassing. I only had to win two games and he had to win four. I only got one shot at the 8-ball and managed to miss.

Last night was a totally different story. I made shots when they presented themselves, and I kept him from getting clear shots almost every time he had a turn. The result of all this was a shut out victory for me. Didn't even give him a shot at the 8-ball.

Revenge felt really good!

Sunday, December 12, 2004


AMC Holiday Party and Hike

My day started with some useless activity. I knew that if I did not donate some time to my mother to put up the Christmas Tree that I would soon have to answer to a higher authority. So I woke up and got to work. The tree is an older artificial thing that stands about 9 feet tall and has about a thousand branches that need to be attached to a central pole. The thing totally sucks! After a few hours with a brief pause to eat lunch I had the tree standing almost vertically and had the lights strung on it.

It was not time to head out to Bethesda, Maryland where the hiking club was having it's holiday party. I got to the party in mid-afternoon because we planned a short hike on the C&O Canal towpath prior to the actually party. Six people showed up for the hike and they immediately elected me to be the leader. I was a bit surprised by the election, but figured it wasn't that big a deal to drag a mixed crowed up and down the towpath for a couple hours. I guess a took off at too quick a pace because a bit later an older couple announced they were turning back. The rest of us pushed on and covered a few miles. We had some interesting conversations about space exploration, energy consumption, and a few historical topics. We made it back to the party for the scheduled 5 PM start and I consider my leading of the hike to have been successful even though two hikers turned back early.

The party was what you'd expect. A bunch of people interested in the environment discussed several issues while consuming food and alcohol. Some interesting events were announced, and some great stories were told. Most stories involved someone in the crowd suffering somehow on a hike in the previous year. I'll be sure to keep my watch for those things throughout this year and hopefully have a story or two to offer next year.


Back Again!

It's been more then a month since I added to my blog. I've been busy with all kinds of stuff, and I will spare you the gory details. I will say that the month was interesting, and I'm sure you would like to know more, but you're not going to get it from me. Well, maybe sometime later on.

Anyway, I had a decent weekend. I stayed in Friday night because it didn't sound like anyone was going out. I also knew I had a hike to lead Saturday morning so for a change I behaved myself and got a good nights sleep before taking people into the woods. I had 11 people (not including me) interested in going on this hike. One even signed up Friday night. Come Saturday morning though only one other guy showed up. Four hikers dropped out for various reasons (all good) on Friday and then 1 called me in the morning to say he couldn't make it. I guess everyone else was sleeping off hang-overs. Shoot, at least give a guy a call if you're going to bag an event.

After the hike I wandered over to my friend Howards house. I hadn't seen Howard and his family for about 2 years. They were quite surprised to see me. As soon as I walked through the door Howard offered me a Guinness and we spent the next few hours catching up. Howard even forced me to drink some of his 25 year old Highland Park Scotch Whiskey. Damn good stuff. I don't think I've had a better whiskey!

Saturday night was spent with the Burke family. They had a holiday party at their new home in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. The evening started out slowly because there were some people hanging out that haven't been around as long as most of us have been friends. Later in the evening though we started telling some pretty good stories from the past and all of us suffered some embarrassment. The only drawback to the evening was the lack of turnout. It would have been nice if Jon and Paul had been able to make it out. Oh well, maybe next time.


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