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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Ahh, Sweet Revenge

Last night I was actually in town so I went out to Jim's Hideway in Odenton. Jim's is the bar my pool league shoots in every Wednesday night. For anyone looking for a decent bar to hang out in, it has decent food, a good beer selection, pool tables in good condition, and some nights you even get good service. By service I mean bartenders who remember who you are and what you like to drink. Nothing like going to a bar several times and the bartender has no idea who you are. Sort of makes you wonder why they chose that profession.

Anyway, the team I'm on was in first place going into last night. The team we played was in second place. We managed to only win one match last night. The first four went bad, and then I had the honor of playing the last match against a player who is way under-ranked. I'm also under-ranked, but not nearly as bad as the guy I played.

Back in May or June I played this guy. Back then he totally whipped me. It was embarrassing. I only had to win two games and he had to win four. I only got one shot at the 8-ball and managed to miss.

Last night was a totally different story. I made shots when they presented themselves, and I kept him from getting clear shots almost every time he had a turn. The result of all this was a shut out victory for me. Didn't even give him a shot at the 8-ball.

Revenge felt really good!

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