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Sunday, December 12, 2004


AMC Holiday Party and Hike

My day started with some useless activity. I knew that if I did not donate some time to my mother to put up the Christmas Tree that I would soon have to answer to a higher authority. So I woke up and got to work. The tree is an older artificial thing that stands about 9 feet tall and has about a thousand branches that need to be attached to a central pole. The thing totally sucks! After a few hours with a brief pause to eat lunch I had the tree standing almost vertically and had the lights strung on it.

It was not time to head out to Bethesda, Maryland where the hiking club was having it's holiday party. I got to the party in mid-afternoon because we planned a short hike on the C&O Canal towpath prior to the actually party. Six people showed up for the hike and they immediately elected me to be the leader. I was a bit surprised by the election, but figured it wasn't that big a deal to drag a mixed crowed up and down the towpath for a couple hours. I guess a took off at too quick a pace because a bit later an older couple announced they were turning back. The rest of us pushed on and covered a few miles. We had some interesting conversations about space exploration, energy consumption, and a few historical topics. We made it back to the party for the scheduled 5 PM start and I consider my leading of the hike to have been successful even though two hikers turned back early.

The party was what you'd expect. A bunch of people interested in the environment discussed several issues while consuming food and alcohol. Some interesting events were announced, and some great stories were told. Most stories involved someone in the crowd suffering somehow on a hike in the previous year. I'll be sure to keep my watch for those things throughout this year and hopefully have a story or two to offer next year.

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