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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


The Adams Family

No, not the creepy and spooky family. This would be the most important family in the formation of my country. Not the most important person, but the most important family.

I visited the Adams National Historic Park today. I did the touristy thing and started at the National Park Service Visitors Center. There I watched part of a generic video on the Revolutionary War, and when I became bored with that I bought a $5 ticket to see the houses where John Adams, and his son John Quincy Adams were born. These were small farm homes for people who were not rich, but were gaining wealth. From there I boarded a bus and was taken to "Peacefield." This was the house that John and Abigail (his wife) bought when they were returning from England. This was a much bigger house, but still not quite as large as some of the mansions they became accustomed to living in Europe for a few years. The tour bus then took me back to the visitor center.

This was worth doing. The first location was nice to see with the two houses sitting exactly where they had been built in the late 1600's. Peacefield was better because the house was decorated with things the Adams family owned. The family donated the three houses and the land they sit on to the government to open to the public.

My next stop was the United First Parish Church. John Adams died in 1826 and was buried in the cemetery across the street. John Quincy Adams had his mothers and fathers bodies moved to tombs within the church. After the death of John Quincy and his wife, Louisa Catherine, there son, Charles Francis, had their bodies moved to tombs within the church as well.

Walking into the tomb was interesting. John Adams is one of the most important men of the revolution. He was part of the group that wrote The Declaration of independence. He wrote the constitution for the state of Massachusetts. His constitution for Massachusetts became the model for the constitution created for The United States of America. His Massachusetts constitution contained a bill of rights, and yes, our Bill of Rights was modeled after the one he wrote for Massachusetts.

During the war John Adams was sent to Europe to secure funding for the war. He was able to secure loans from the Dutch and France. He also helped write the Treaty of Paris to officially end the war in 1783.

After the war, John Adams served as the new nations first minister to England. He was in Europe during the Constitutional Convention in 1787, but his influence was strong enough to help form a strong federal government to stand the test of time. Under the new government John Adams was the first Vice President, and the second President. His son John Quincy was the countries sixth President.

An amazing family. For more details go to the library and read John Adams by David McCullough. I have it at home if you want to borrow it from me.
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