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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hanging Out in Woonsocket, RI

Business travel has me in Rhode Island for a quick meeting. I left home today and used Reagan National Airport for the first time. I decided to use National because the flight up here could be completed without changing planes anywhere.

I found National to be a nice change. It's not as busy as BWI. It's smaller then BWI. Economy parking is closer to the terminal. I will fly back home Friday morning and hopefully baggage claim will be faster then BWI.

Enough about that though. More interesting to most of you will be my visit to The Foxwoods Casino. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to try out both casinos in eastern Connecticut. The Foxwoods is the better of the two if you are looking for a game of Blackjack. The Mohegan Sun Casino has constant shuffling decks of cards. I prefer to have the dealer work his/her way through a shoe and then shuffle the cards. Some people might prefer the shuffling machines working all the time, but I like the pause between shoes.

I did my usual at the table. I started out with $100. The first shoe hurt me a bit but left me with about $50. The next shoe made my evening. I finished that shoe with about $210. I had only been at the table for about 20 minutes so I colored up $100 and put it in my pocket so that I would at the worst break even. Well, the next hour went like a roller coaster. Up and down. Up and down. It was getting late and I still had $50 on the table so I decided to cash out and head for my hotel an hour away from the casino. At the end of the evening I had turned my original $100 into $150. Very typical for me.
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